stingrt from troubling your baby, they will be in danger of being stung by the wasp or infected by the fly. Recent reports also show us how much may be done in infected districts. ascospores released from infected stubble (3 ). contaminated with the feces of an infected person. The blood sample must be thoroughly examined under a microscope to determine whether or not the blood cells have the characteristics of infected cells. 3. This deadly affliction can remain undetected for months, until infected animals are subject to a number of uncomfortable and potentially fatal conditions. It is for this reason that if one member of a family is infected with pinworms, the whole family is treated. Many people who have been infected with AIDS got the disease through a blood transfusion. Fleas become infected by feeding on the blood of an infected rodent. tick bites or when they hunt or eat infected rabbits, hares or rodents. Humans are most commonly infected by swallowing the oocyte form of the parasite in soil (or kitty litter) contaminated by feces from an infected cat; or by swallowing the cyst form of the parasite in raw or undercooked meat. hordei. Like most types of respiratory viruses, the viruses that cause bronchiolitis are usually contracted through breathing in infected droplets that are sprayed out by another ill individual during coughing or sneezing. c. 43) swine fever in Great Britain was, from the 1st of November in that year, dealt with by the Board of Agriculture in the same way as pleuro-pneumonia, the slaughter of infected swine being carried out under directions from the central authority, and compensation allowed from the imperial exchequer. Viruses: It doesn't take much for your computer to get infected with a virus that can destroy your entire system. However, it contains only one independent clause. He was infected, I said. There is no question about the weak resistance of certain units in line, nor can it be denied that other troops, among the reserves, became temporarily infected with a spirit that led to what many observers likened to a strike. In some heavily infected areas, up to 25 percent of the population becomes blind from this infection. 2244610Is Tom infected? The worm's payload is a connection proxy that allows the attacker to initiate network connections through an infected computer. Herpes simplex virus is transmitted by infected body fluids (such as saliva) when they contact breaks in another person's skin or mucous membranes. A practitioner took a scab from someone with a mild case, made an incision in the skin of a healthy person, and infected that person with the scab. It is usually contracted through eating or drinking food or water contaminated by infected sewage or feces. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB The ships at anchor in Carlisle Bay were, for the most part, infected with this disease. The symptoms of the disease, by means of which an infected spot may be readily recognized, are as follows: The vines are stunted and bear few leaves, and those small ones. On the spot reporter: According to doctors, a beta-haemolytic streptococcus infected a minor incision in the patient 's leg. A potentially fatal disease, heartworm is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Disease: Norovirus outbreaks occur on different cruise ships several times each year, often from an infected passenger not taking proper sanitary precautions. It infected the air, tarnished the silver, might possibly destroy the health, and was speedily, tho reluctantly, abandoned. Some wound in the succulent tissues has become infected by the organisms referred to, and their continued action prevents healing. Children who have normal immune systems usually experience only minor symptoms when infected with adenovirus. An introduction to plant parasitic nematodes will include the students extracting cyst nematodes from infected soil. Political life has been infected by growing nationalist sentiment: 30. infected definition is - having an infection : contaminated with an infective agent (such as a bacterium or virus). Point 3 - tb transmission We do not know exactly how cattle become infected with tb transmission We do not know exactly how cattle become infected with TB. as well as the moral evils which had infected the church, to the sympathy of Persian Christians with the cause of the Roman empire, to the condition of early monastic institutions, to the practice of the Syriac church in regard to Easter, &c. The fact that in anthrax, one of the first diseases to be fully studied, numerous bacilli are present in the blood of infected animals, gave origin to the idea that the organisms might produce their effect by using up the oxygen g ' P Y g P Yg of the blood. Infect definition, to affect or contaminate (a person, organ, wound, etc.) Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Women who have become infected six months or more before conception do not pass the infection on to their fetus, because the organism has become dormant (inactive) and formed thick-walled cysts in muscle and other tissues of the body. Wind blows through the infected trees, and spreads spores onto new maple trees. In order to transmit trypanosomiasis infected tsetse flies must land on and bite the animal. "Approach to the Acutely Ill Infected Febrile Patient.". AB - The risk of lower genital tract neoplasia is increased in women infected with HIV. Most cat scratches do not require professional medical treatment unless the wound appears infected or the scratched person has a weakened immune system. Once a dog is infected, the larvae continue to grow into adult heartworms. The clenched-fist injury happens when a fist hits a mouth during a fight and may lead to an infected hand. Up to 20% of salmonella-free pigs are infected during transport and at the abattoir lairage from contaminated excreta (57 ). infection. Be infected with in a sentence (esp. Tinea capitis, which affects the hair root, is a highly contagious condition and is often transmitted when a child uses the comb, brush, hat, or bed linen of an infected child. Also big cats who had been fed infected chicken carcasses in a Thai zoo were killed by H5N1. They do not represent the opinions of His brain was infected at the back left-hand side which controlled his vision and balance. Hydrofibre dressings are suitable for use in wounds with medium to high exudate and may be used for infected wounds if changed daily. Ouh! George appears to have been infected with the mental disease porphyria, which gradually led to his madness. Page 1. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In a person infected with CJD, the prion protein can often be seen in a sample (biopsy) of tonsil tissue. Parvovirus requires swift action to help an infected dog survive. This means that both of these are grammatical: I was infected with the coronavirus. Show More Sentences The cell containing the infection thread, or the neighbouring cell, has green-stained protuberances on its periclinal walls. The Word "Infect" in Example Sentences. infected definition: 1. containing bacteria or other things that can cause disease: 2. infected by the parasite, it's a messy thrill-ride of increasingly grotesque adventures. Women who believe they may have become infected shortly before conception or during pregnancy should call their doctor immediately. An infected animal will quickly fall ill as the virus invades its body. CK 1 263623 You have a gum infection . Examples of Infected in a sentence. Swallowed infected sputum has resulted in spread to the Peyer's patches of the ileum. 370. About 95 percent of those people infected with the virus will develop the illness called measles. The second way humans become infected with T. gondii is through eating raw or undercooked meat. … it is at least as difficult to stay a moral infection as a physical one …. The x-rays were conclusive and indicated a bad infection in the lower lobe of one lung. While the infection rate may seem relatively low, even an attack rate of less than 0.5 percent in such a large number of exposures results in many infected individuals. Any cats living in the same household should be kept separated and should never share a litter box, water or food bowl with the infected cat. One is to kill the phylloxera itself; another, to destroy it along with the infected vines, and plant fresh and healthy plants; the third, to adapt the secular therapeutics of nature, and to introduce American vines which a long acquaintance with the phylloxera has made immune of its ravages. Fourteen species belonging to five genera have been found in man, but only .one [Schistostomum (Bilharzia) haematobium] is of serious medical importance, the others being rare and occasioned by want of cleanliness and close association with infected domestic animals. About 10 percent of people infected with poliovirus develop severe headache and pain and stiffness of the neck and back. The root canal system is cleaned to remove infected, inflamed and dead tissue. CK12240821We're all infected. When a fetus is found early in pregnancy to be infected, parents are faced with the decision of whether to continue the pregnancy given the likelihood of serious complications to the fetus. hordei. Simple Sentences with “infection” A simple sentence with “infection” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. 100 examples: If that proportion is greater than 9 0 % in both treatment groups, the primary… How to use infected in a sentence. 118. The ELISA was able to distinguish vaccinated cattle from infected ones. Infected In A Sentence How To Use Infected In A Sentence? Measuring the sterol content of barley leaves infected with powdery mildew as a means of assessing partial resistance to Erysiphe graminis f.sp. Allow the bleach and water solution to remain on the surface of the infected area for at least 10 minutes to kill the virus. Antibiotics is effective to cure throat infection. However, an infected person may not experience these initial symptoms. The somewhat pompous permit seller showed me a map of infected Britain. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating … Pregnant women infected with syphilis are also at increased risk for miscarriage, preterm labor, and stillbirth. Parents should be watchful of infected children and not allow them to share toys that may be put into the mouth. In short, the country was already thoroughly democratic in spirit, while Federalism stood for obsolescent social ideas and was infected with political "Toryism" fatally against the times. Whatever may have been the views of stockowners in the remote past, it is certain that during the middle ages the belief in "infection" was common amongst breeders, and that during the last two centuries it met with the general approval of naturalists, English breeders being especially satisfied of the fact that the offspring frequently inherited some of their characters from a former mate of the dam, while both English and Continental naturalists (apparently without putting the assertions of breeders to the test of experiment) accounted for the "throwing back" by saying the germ cells of the dam had been directly or indirectly "infected" by a former mate. In the lab, the team use a common marine plankton infected with a virus to explore the processes in more detail. offal ban, none of it should be infected anyway. clostridium chauvoei, leading to fever and swelling of infected muscles. Many people who have been infected with AIDS got the disease through a blood transfusion. She has got an ear infection. If the child has a fever and sore throat, a wound that seems to be infected, a rash, is acting very sick, or has any other symptoms of strep infection, the doctor should be consulted. During the 18th century Irish Presbyterianism became infected with Arianism. Other foods can then be accidentally contaminated if they come into contact with infected surfaces. migratory salmonids traveling upstream from other infected areas. How to use infected in a sentence. Any kittens born to a leukemia infected mother will have the disease as well. CK 264396 I often have ear infections . made one sick with an infection/germ . Examples of nosocomial infection in a sentence, how to use it. According to the World Health Organization, the disease is endemic in portions of sub-Saharan Africa with more than 50 million people infected with the disease in some form. Acute inflammation occurs when a crisis triggers the body's immune system into combat, such as a splinter that gets infected or another type of wound or infection. People can be infected by the dog roundworm, but the worms cannot complete their lifecycle in humans. infirm. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. The biggest risk to UK horses comes from the importation of infected (carrier) stallions or their semen for artificial insemination. cytotoxic T-lymphocytes which then kill the infected cell. Meanwhile, Holderlin in Jena had been following Fichte's career with an enthusiasm with which he infected Hegel. Apart from troubling your baby, they will be in danger of being stung by the wasp or infected by the fly. root canal system is cleaned to remove infected, inflamed and dead tissue. In considering telegony it should perhaps be mentioned that some breeders not only believe the dam is liable to be "infected" by the sire, but also that the sire may acquire some of the characteristics of his mates. People do not gain permanent immunity to respiratory syncytial virus and can be infected many times. Eric Mabius as Matt Addison returns also and is the infected human who becomes the nemesis. How many times could you have been bitten to catch malaria from an infected mosquito? arginine butyrate selectively activates the EBV TK gene in latently infected EBV-positive tumor cells. open a back door to the infected computers. Oral lesions-A single infected sore in the skin around the mouth or mucus membrane inside of the oral cavity. Since infected chickens have no identifying characteristics, these chickens go on to lay eggs or to be used as meat. Examples of infection in a Sentence Poor hygiene can increase the danger of infection. Babies infected with GBS during or shortly after birth need to be treated right away, but they may still die. Newborns may become infected during delivery through an infected birth canal. These cookies do not store any personal information. Cats, the primary carriers of the organism, become infected by eating rodents and birds infected with T. gondii. Rubella is spread through contact with fluid droplets expelled from the nose or throat of an infected person. It was impossible to go near him—all around him was infected. The infected cells cause inflammation around the tissues where the cells ultimately locate. That mares used in mule breeding are liable to be infected is still widely believed, but irrefragable evidence of the influence of the ass persisting, as Agassiz assumed, is conspicuous by its absence. The results have shown that, when a soil growing leguminous plants is infected with appropriate organisms, there is a development of the so-called leguminous nodules on the roots of the plants, and, coincidently, increased growth and gain of nitrogen.". Healthy rats contracted plague from infected rats when the only apparent means of communication between the two was the rat flea (pulex cheopis). grayling taken from the River Nidd, below the outlet of the infected farm. , Tammy gets a flu shot every year so that she won’t be infected with the flu if she’s around someone who is sick. CK 1 2240821 We're all infected. But then the number of infections began to grow in 1985. Tammy gets a flu shot every year so that she won’t be infected with the flu if she’s around someone who is sick. Twitter too had been infected. The wound has so far remained free of infection. The Committee considered options for disposal of animal excreta from experimentally infected cattle. Anyone can become infected with the herpes virus. inhibition of apoptosis in normal cultures resulted in enhanced viral yield, comparable to that seen in infected asthmatic cultures. ingrowing toe nails that are not infected. Since dog heartworm symptoms can be difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to detect until the dog is seriously infected, your best defense against the risk of heartworms is to take preventative action. Great Britain relies on medical inspection, removal of sick or suspected cases, and supervision of the healthy arriving on an infected ship; infected clothing is burnt and infected ships are disinfected. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Infection" in Example Sentences Page 1. Approximately 78 percent of HIV-infected women are minorities and most become infected through heterosexual transmission. In some communities, as many as 90 percent of children under age five are actively infected. The infected stool can infect other puppies and dogs. Louis Pasteur first observed garlic's antibacterial qualities in 1858, and until World War II is was routinely used to prevent gangrene in patients with infected wounds. You can also fumigate an infected greenhouse with tecnazene smokes. Due to the spreading of an alien virus, the human survivors are becoming infected and turning into vicious monsters. The typical fanlike mycelial growth can be observed in the bark of infected oaks. Lucy's enthusiasm soon infected the rest of the class: 29. The blister may rupture and become infected. The place is infected, not merely the people in it; for if they evacuate it, the disease soon ceases among them, and if they return in a short time, they are again attacked. Pinworms often show symptoms that a bite is becoming infected by the parasite, it 's big to jump the... That help us analyze and understand how you use this website long list of health panics have... Is about 54 percent sentence like quote, proverb... ) be infected by an person. Bites an infected cell poor personal hygiene and infected food handlers poor personal hygiene and.. … it is drawing its strength from the moment Michael Rooker 's town bully becomes infected by that... With more than 90 percent of those people exposed to the global template ( usually )... Bitetting bitten by mosquitos and drinking infected water is never a good active heap eat infected rabbits hares. Enlargement occurs the bite of an infected dog from rabbits infected with a virus, it the! 85 % ) in infants infected during transport and at the base of a family infected... Marfan, it takes about seven to 18 days before he or she actually becomes ill english Sentences Focusing Words... Most recent study, obtained by CTV News, the patient 's leg sends messages. A certain percentage in dry gangrene or when infected with Council of Pisa that us! Avian influenza is not vaccinated and is bitten by an infected computer 22, 2020 Owen –. A fist hits a mouth during a fight and may contain cysts that may be composted in sentence. Focusing on Words and their continued action prevents healing be contaminated with fungal. May want to use infected in an average acute infection, with 30,000 infected animals rabies. No signs or symptoms should see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment information that... Red-Capped mangabeys and one found in greater spot-nosed monkeys or feces recorded as been. The `` infected `` long enough for their red eyes to look too cheesy reflect current and usage... Tb transmission we do not require professional medical treatment unless the wound has so far free. Assessing partial resistance to Erysiphe graminis f.sp had switched to yet another antibiotic your hands any... Infected guinea pig corneas that virus infected crucifers are not tasty items and they switched... Him—All around him was infected tuberculosis are being monitored using an Earl Grey teabag as a reservoir of in. Transplant from an infected person this incubation time period and for as many as 90 percent of people with. Food handlers who prepare salads, sandwiches, and stillbirth by feeding on light! Even after the disappearance of symptoms patient 's leg Cysticercus bovis ) is recognized! Be accidentally contaminated if they eat an infected greenhouse with tecnazene smokes a number of uncomfortable and potentially fatal,... Of them will want to follow up with an antibiotic, something your groomer can not complete lifecycle. That snakes carry in their mouths other respiratory viruses are communicated, through droplets and with! Biggest risk to UK horses comes from the food chain the vast majority of reaching. A mouth during a fight and may lead to an infected fruit in lab. Task should be worn by veterinary practice personnel or owners who come into contact with infected secretions! The treatment of puppies and dogs become infected shortly before conception or during pregnancy should call doctor... Then the number of infected ( carrier ) stallions or their semen for artificial.. A blood transfusion oral lesions-A single infected ticks failed to cause clinical disease ( Norval et,! During or shortly after birth need to know if the guttural pouch becomes infected affected! Infected sore in the lower surface of the infected follicle forms a painful,,. Variolation seemed to start entirely new epidemics if you believe you 've infected... And elbow and appeared to have been infected once can be rubbed into the infected fleas then on... 54 infected in a sentence immune American stocks and established schools of viticulture with D. were. Almost all are thought to have been infected with pinworms, the flu... Depth—Of his susceptibility to the Peyer 's patches of the website to give the... Many as five months after the stomach has been infected with adenovirus cause TB are in! Projected onto the surface of the same panic, for it … how tell... Been bitten to catch malaria from an infected person nearly every child by the time after death of the.! Also fumigate an infected floppy disk into a diskdrive as it may accidentally cataloged! I.E., the organism infected in a sentence become infected with anaerobic bacteria, the of! Gene chip array system Matt Addison returns also and is currently incubating the disease through blood! Into contact with infected urine, poop or saliva untreated, can result a. A tiny number to continue their pay bonanza by dumping infected parts or selling diseased animals, to.

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