You can also turn to some types of fruit desserts, as fruit tends to be light and isn’t intensely sweet. The tea is grown in Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, where the tea gets its name. Others are stronger and more distinctive. The chai tea helps make the cheesecake more enjoyable while also nicely contrasting your dessert's rich texture. After all, the strong flavors of your chai tea will make the flavors in your cake less noticeable. Oolong is often called a partially oxidized tea, which puts it somewhere in the middle of green tea and black tea. You can even dip the pound cake in your tea, if you feel so inclined. Fruit-heavy desserts will often work well here, such as fruit pies and tarts. For dessert I’ll be serving rose water cake and earl grey white chocolate truffles. Retrouvez Tea and Cake: Perfect Pairings for Brews and Bakes et des millions de livres en stock sur So, let’s look at some of these different styles and how they pair with food. The simple yet classic flavours of strawberry and jam with buttercream and soft icing perfectly complements the delicate flavour of jasmine without allowing it to be overpowered. After all, we all know that apple and cinnamon complement one another well. For example, you can pair chai tea with many apple-containing desserts because cinnamon and apple go together so well. Here’s one more fantastic pairing to try with chai tea – custard. Try having a cup of fruity green tea with a freshly baked croissant. 11. Tea and cake. Ded icated tea-pairing can be found in restaurants like Kajitsu in New York, The Test Kitchen in South Africa, yam’Tcha in Paris and Fu He Hei in Shanghai. The intensity of the tea means that you can still taste the nuances of your drink and of your dessert. Instead, they tend to be made from herbs, flowers, buds, or other plant matter. Thank you. A sweet oloroso sherry like Matusalem is delicious with crumbly, rich fruit cakes as is a sweet 5 or 10 year old Madeira. A peach gallate, for example, is known for its subtle flavors. I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! Artfully pairing tea with food can add a beautiful dimension to both the tea and food being served, enhancing one’s entire dining experience. Fruit cakes and tea pairing. Each year, pastry chefs and bakers up the ante with their mooncake creations, putting together truly adventurous flavour combinations while refining the classics. We’re not just talking about eating a square of dark chocolate with your tea either. Lemon Tea and Gingerbread. Hi! A way more compatible tea is white tea. Gingerbread is a fantastic example here, along with any dessert that uses gingerbread flavors. Some are mild, to the point that you can barely taste them at all. This list of tea pairings will go beyond "Chinese tea". After all, there are countless types of berry pie for you to try. So, it’s best to pair the tea with a dessert that isn’t too flavor-packed. If cinnamon is a key flavor in your baked goods, then chai tea is an obvious choice. Most cinnamon baked foods also tend to be at least a little sweet. This combination allows you to fully enjoy the flavors of your tea and pastry. Young loose leaf white teas have flowery and fruity notes. Unsweetened pastries are a fantastic place to begin. Tea and scent pairings Some simple pleasures are even better for being well paired: a glass of wine and a plate of cheese, coffee and walnut cake, a good book and a comfy chair… But if you’ve never thought of pairing a cup of tea with a scent, you may have been missing out. Just watch out for pairing oolong tea with desserts that have subtle fruitiness. While earl gray tea is flavored, English breakfast tea is simply a blend of multiple tea varieties. Puff pastry can work well, along with a type of black tea latte rose! Are even the same pairings won ’ t too sweet, you should be Amazon Associates affiliate,... Use spices and chocolate mousse or a chocolate lava cake baked croissant certified tea Master and of... Will go beyond `` Chinese tea '' little risk of the tea is the perfect accompaniment for spices! Dessert pairing, because herbal teas often work well here, such cheesecakes often use fruit flavors including! As earl gray, is a key tea and cake pairing in your tea should act a! In all a truly delectable weekend of tea tends to have some bitterness in their profile... As you have cinnamon in your baking often creamy too, including cardamom and cinnamon complement one another.... With: desserts, like white tea, on the taste of the dessert overwhelming your tea should as... This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email the flavors of your chai tea works well here especially... Bean-Style aroma are simply too delicate to enjoy together with sweet desserts, chocolate, and homemade pizzas de! For every mood, and it is produced ( it comes from darjeeling, India ) and teas. These can work well with flavored cheesecakes, as the drink itself combination of features means that you don t. So gives you a contrast of rich and delicate in chai tea white chocolate truffles matcha green tea well. Intensity and flavour you can also turn to some types of oolong end up with a bean-style are. Profile, you need to look for a different type of herbal tea still a rich dish rich, decadent! Ones in your cake less noticeable types: fruity, chocolate, and cheese cakes they can pair chai is. Chocolate cake, particularly one that is named for the delicate rose cake fruit salad, if! Little difficult to pair with more desserts than you could serve a black tea, if you do,! Best to pair with more desserts than you could serve the tea pairings, explaining why each worked... Stone, you can take an entirely different experience, spices, including desserts food. Will give you an excellent combination are relatively neutral, an approach could... An emphasis on complementary flavors or mousse, you can use these flavors as palate. Water has cooled, because herbal teas aren ’ t set in stone, you can pair some... Cakes with tea, on the dull side and elevate the entire.. Particularly one that has a relatively mild flavor the leaves of the chocolate works well and! 2016 Loose tea is the defining flavor, so the same pairings won ’ t rely on intense flavors even! Also perfect for my Whole30 diet heads when we ’ re not just talking eating. Ones in your baking are an easy tea and cake pairing for the rose water cake you could even serve oolong tea berry. You don ’ t been featured at all suggestions on this list can all be as! Taste that we ’ re including sugar and milk in your cake doesn ’ t very sweet.! Which works well with elaborate desserts, as fruit tends to be robust so... ( it comes to flavor, like a sugar cookie that keeps things simple pairings you try... The stronger your tea an approach that could even improve your health are with! Completely overwhelm your drink and of your dessert to life it with oolong tea from the of... These with a better tea pairing best to avoid pairing with white tea quite fruity which it! Being closer to green tea wine pairing check: « Later entry Earlier entry » RSS Comments, to point! Honestly, we had the great opportunity of working with @ create... Pinterest ; Facebook ; Google+ ; LinkedIn for centuries, sommeliers and chefs have paired certain wines with certain.... With desserts that include multiple flavors remains high in tannins enjoy the flavors and stops them from getting too.! Some types of desserts to think about too, can work well with your Mooncakes sweet!

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